Yucca plants resemble small palm trees, with a long, slender trunk, and a shock of long, spiky leaves at their crown. They are drought tolerant, and slow growing, making them a low maintenance companion in your home or office. Their striking, tropical appearance energizes any space.

 how this nature nurtures you 

Yuccas are one of NASA’s top rated plants for air purification. They are experts at removing toxins and impurities from the indoor environment. They are an important plant in traditional medicine, said to lower blood pressure, ease migraines, and soothe stomach disorders. Yuccas symbolize transformation and purification in Native American traditions.

 how to nurture your nature 


Southwest USA and Mexico


Water thoroughly, then allow soil to dry out 75-100% before rewatering.


Bright, indirect light


17-30 degrees Celsius


They don't require extra humidity, but like to have their leaves dusted with a damp cloth occasionally


Mildly toxic to humans and animals if ingested


Feed every month in the spring and summer with an all purpose fertilizer.  Apply to damp soil so you don't burn the roots.  


Yuccas produce baby plants, or ‘pups, that can be separated from the mother plant, and placed in their own pots.

Here's an interesting video about the history and uses of the yucca plant: