Spider Plant

spider plant

Spider plants are tropical evergreens with delicate flowers. An extraordinary plant with masses of long, thin, arching leaves that resemble a many-legged spider.

As it grows, it sends forth baby plants, or spiderettes, that dangle off of the mother plant, as if suspended by a web. Many babies can be trailing off of the main plant, achieving a spectacular effect.

Spiderettes can be gently detached, and planted in their own pots. Despite this fascinating growth habit, spider plants are adaptable and very easy to care for.

 how this nature nurtures you 

They make baby plants! There is so much joy and delight in watching these plants grow and multiply, and sharing them with friends and family.

They boost oxygen and clean your air, removing toxins.

Spider plants are strong symbols of fertility and rejuvenation, and remind us of the joyful abundance of life.

 how to nurture your nature 


The tropics of Southern Africa


They like to be evenly moist but can tolerate a bit of neglect because of their tuberous roots that store water.

Water once per week, or when the surface of soil feels dry. They are sensitive to chemicals in some tap water. If leaf tips start to turn brown, switch to distilled or rainwater.


Moderate to bright, indirect light


13-27 degrees Celsius


They enjoy humidity, especially having their leaves misted


Non-toxic to humans or pets


Feed every month in the spring and summer with an all purpose fertilizer.  Apply to damp soil so you don't burn the roots.  


Planting those spiderettes is a rewarding process and can be gifted to others.  Here's a 3-minute video that shows you 3 ways: