Sansevieria - Snake Plant

snake plant

The essential low-light plant, easy-care plant.  Sansevierias are a popular succulent with tall, pointed, upright leaves in a range of variegated greens, golds, and silvers. The sword-like leaves grow to about a metre tall at maturity. Snake plants are extremely easy-going, and require very little care, making them an excellent gift for the novice plant lover.

 how this nature nurtures you 

They are mighty air purifiers, on NASA's top ten list for removing toxins and allergens from your indoor environment.  They also emit oxygen into your space.  Great for the bedroom to support healthy sleep.

Sansevierias are an important plant in traditional herbal medicine in some parts of the world.  They are viewed across cultures as symbols of good luck and positivity, and thought to protect homes from negative elements.

 how to nurture your nature 


Tropical West Africa


Water when top 50% of soil is dry. They don't like to be soggy and can tolerate drought with their tuber root system.


They tolerate low light conditions, but prefer bright, indirect light


16-30 degrees celsius


They appreciate, but do not require, extra humidity. Mist on occasion if you'd like.


Non-toxic to humans, but toxic to animals if consumed


Use diluted liquid fertilizer once or twice per year.


Snake plants are easy to propagate.  Watch Planterina's video that shows 3 different ways: