heartleaf philodendron

Philodendrons have been beloved houseplants around the world for centuries. With a staggering array of leaf shapes, sizes, and colours, and multiple growth habits, you’re sure to fall in love with a variety that suits your space.

Vining types love to climb, and can be trained up a staircase bannister or around a window frame, while others have a sturdy, upright habit and will fill a corner with a jungle vibe. They require little attention, but make a bold statement in your home or office.

 how this nature nurtures you

Their name translates from the Greek language into ‘Love Tree’, and they have inspired artists and poets with their breathtaking foliage since ancient times.

Philodendrons are captivating plants that symbolize personal growth, health and abundance. They make your indoor environment healthier by removing toxins from the air.

 how to nurture your nature


The tropics of the Caribbean, Venezuela and Colombia


They like to be consistently moist. Water deeply at least once per week.


Bright, indirect light


16-30 degrees Celsius


Think tropical. They love humidity and appreciate regular misting.


Toxic to humans and pets if ingested


Feed every month in the spring and summer with an all purpose fertilizer.  Apply to damp soil so you don't burn the roots.  


They are easy to propagate from stem cutting.

Watch this Planterina video about pruning and propagating philodendrons and pothos.