picture of hoya on trellis

Hoyas are semi-succulents with small plump leaves and sweetly scented flowers. They are award winning houseplants with night-blooming clusters of starry pink flowers and foliage in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are ideal as a hanging plant and are easy to care for.

 how this nature nurtures you 

They are truly joyful little plants. Expert air purifiers they also freshen the air with their sweet scent. Their flower essence is said to promote clarity and intuition building connections to our higher knowledge.

 how to nurture your nature 


The tropics of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.


Water deeply about once per week in very well-drained soil then let dry out 75-100% before repeating. Reduce watering during winter.


Bright, indirect light.


17-29 degrees Celsius is optimal.


These ones love humidity. Hang in your bathroom or near a humidifier and mist often.


Non-toxic to humans and pets.


Feed once per month with liquid fertilizer.


Easy to propagate from stem and leaf cuttings to increase your collection, or give to your friends.

Watch this 4-minute video from Botanical Woman.