Fiddle Leaf Fig

photo of fiddle leaf fig

A popular and beloved houseplant with a tall, narrow trunk and a crown of round, ridged leaves that resemble fiddles. Sturdy and compelling these fashionable trees make a bold statement. The tops of the leaves are a glossy emerald, with the undersides a matte muted green giving a sense of depth and movement. 

 how this nature nurtures you 

They are talented air purifiers. Their strong presence is comforting and calming. They can be a little finicky and dislike any change in their conditions.

Once they are happy they will be a friend for decades. They remind us that giving extra care and attention to each other often leads to the most healthy and rewarding relationships.

 how to nurture your nature 


West African rainforests.


Water deeply about once per week. Allow soil to dry out 75% before repeating.


Bright, diffused light.


16-27 degrees Celsius.


Moderate humidity. Mist occasionally, and wipe leaves with a damp cloth.


Mildly toxic to humans and pets. Sap may cause skin irritation.


Feed every month in the spring and summer with an all purpose fertilizer.  Apply to damp soil so you don't burn the roots.  


To promote even growth rotate your plant regularly. Fiddle leaf figs may be pruned to encourage a bushier growth habit.

Check out this Planterina video and let her explain everything!