Also known as Paper Plants, these gorgeous, emerald green plants have broad, flat, glossy leaves that resemble stars or outstretched hands atop thick stems. Their unusual shape adds whimsy and exotic vibes to your space.

They require little attention, and will grow happily in any area of your house, provided it’s not too sunny. They may grow tall and spindly, but respond very well to pruning, and these cuttings can be grown into new plants for friends and family.  

 how this nature nurtures you 

They gather toxins from the air and convert them to oxygen, energizing our space. 

Their pleasing shape improves our well-being, and open leaves facing the sky are said to collect good fortune and luck.

 how to nurture your nature 


Japan and Korea.


Keep soil evenly moist by watering regularly (every 2 or 3 days).


Bright, indirect light. Too much sun will burn the leaves.


17-24 degrees celsius, cooler in winter months.


They enjoy humidity. Mist once per week.


Non-toxic to humans and animals, but sap may cause skin irritation. Wear gloves when handling.


Feed every month in the spring and summer with an all purpose fertilizer.  Apply to damp soil so you don't burn the roots.  


They are easy to propagate from stem cutting.