picture of pink caladium with green edges

A tropical gem. Spectacular plants with heart shaped, multi-coloured leaves. With over 1000 named cultivars, there is an astonishing array of sizes and colours to brighten your space. The paper-thin leaves last for a few months, and then have a period of dormancy before repeating the cycle.  

 how this nature nurtures you 

The exuberance and intricacy of this plant’s foliage gives so much cheer, and reminds us that a pop of colour can boost our mood. A wonderful companion to marvel at from your bubble bath! Caladiums are also excellent air purifiers.

 how to nurture your nature 


The tropics of South America.


Water regularly, ensuring soil stays moist at all times during growing season. Stop watering during winter dormancy, and resume in spring.


Tolerates low light, but prefers bright, indirect light. Varieties with broad leaves thrive in shadier conditions than those with narrow leaves.


These ones love to be warm. 20-30 degrees Celsius


Think tropical. Mist often and generously.


Extremely toxic to animals and humans if ingested. Sap from the stems causes severe skin irritation.


Use liquid fertilizer or slow-release pellets every two weeks during growing season.


In the Victorian era, caladiums were a popular gift, symbolizing the joy and delight friendship brings.

These will go into natural dormancy.  Don't throw them out.  Learn about dormancy care in this video.